Summer Camp

“An active, lively and thrilling learning experience to fun filled holidays”

Every season summer camp is organized by the school which each year proves to be a season of fun, learning and adventure – not only for school students but also for children from neighborhood locality.

Summer camp is the best getaway which helps the child to wake up from his/her lazy summer morning and to be active and lively.

Camps organized during summer break not only promises a wide- variety of activities such as Aerobics, western dance, Basket ball, Cricket, art craft, Dramatics, Skating, Volley Ball etc. But is much more  than just a holiday.

Children from age group (6-15) years are offered wide variety of activities during Summer Camp which enables them to acquire new skills, gain confidence and to discover their innate/hidden talents so as to become independent and self-reliant.

Summer Camp:

  • Encourages the children to work together in group hence children learn the importance of team work.
  • Acquire new skills and gain confidence.
  • Discover their hidden talents to excel in the field of their choice.
  • Become independent and self-reliant.
  • Above all providing better learning experience in a fun-filled way.