Fee structure

(General Category):

1) The School fees and other charges are payable on Quarterly basis.

2) 20th of the first month of the quarter will be the last day for payment of fees.

3) If the dates specified above is a holiday, the last day of submission of fees will be the next working  day.

4) Fee is payable in cash or cheque. The cheque should be drawn in favour of Laxmi Public School.

NOTE : The name of the student, class, section, admission number along with the mobile number of the parent should be written at the back of the cheque.

LATE FEE FINE : A fine of Rs. 10/- per day shall be charged after the due date till the last working day of that month.
Non-Payment of the fees for over 30 days after the due date shall cause striking of the students name from the roles after giving due notice to the parent.
RE-ADMISSION : Re-admission will be allowed only after payment of all arrears of fees including late fine and the prescribed re-admission fee. 

DISHONORED CHEQUE : In case any cheque is dishonored by the bank a sum of Rs 300/- will be charged and the payment will be accepted in cash only.


  • Admission fee not refundable in any case.
  • If, during the academic session the parent wish to withdraw their ward then one months notice in writing is required and all the school dues should be cleared before that date.


  1. Caution money will be refunded at the time of withdrawal from the school on production of caution money deposit receipt.
  2. Transfer certificate and caution money will only be released on clearance of all school dues.
  3. Caution money will have to be claimed within one year of leaving the school, otherwise it will lapse.